how christianity's uniqueness makes it compelling

In his next great book, Jared C. Wilson explores how Christianity's unmatched truth answers the deepest longings of every human heart.

To the popular objection Aren't all religions basically the same? pastor and author Jared Wilson answers with an enthusiastic No! Christianity is not merely one among many similar options. It is categorically different--and it's these differences that make it so compelling.

In Unparalleled, Wilson holds up the teachings of the Bible to the clear light of day, revealing how Christianity rises above every other religion and philosophy of the world, and how its unmatched truth answers the deepest longings of every human heart. He provides an overview of Christianity's key claims showing how, from top to bottom, it is distinct from all other competing ideologies, religious and secular.

Christians will come away with a fresh sense of the truth of their faith and nonbelievers will be compelled to consider the relevant claims of Christianity in a drastically new light.

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What People Are Saying About Unparalleled

“I love a book that helps me love Jesus more.  Jared C. Wilson has a way of talking about Jesus that both informs and inspires. Whether you are just learning about the Gospel or have been following Jesus for many years, Unparalleled will deepen your understanding and appreciation for the Christian Faith, so unique and distinctive.”

-- Kyle Idleman, author of Not a Fan & Teaching Pastor, Southeast Christian Church


"Read this book to shore up your own convictions, but don't stop there. Share it with someone who needs some light cast on who Christians are and what we believe."

-- Russell Moore, president, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission


With characteristic wit and style, Jared weaves in and out of perplexing doctrines such as the exclusivity of the gospel, the baffling nature of the Trinity, and the uniqueness of Christ. While the topics are approached with reflective credibility, it is the storytelling that pins each point to the chest. As I finished each successive chapter, I found myself saying, ‘Now that was my favorite chapter’.”

 -- Jonathan K. Dodson, lead pastor of City Life Church, author of The Unbelievable Gospel and Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection


“Jared Wilson’s Unparalleled is a stirring reminder of just how different Christianity is from any other faith. Readers will come away emboldened to witness for Christ, and encouraged in the grace we have in Him.”

-- Thomas S. Kidd, Distinguished Professor of History, Baylor University


“I've read a lot of Jared Wilson's books and blogs over the years. Unparalleled is my favorite. Like handling a diamond, Jared turns to the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, shining light on edges that come together to make Christianity unique. Read and you'll be refreshed. Read and, if you're like me, you'll love Jesus more when you finish this book.”

-- Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, author of Gospel-Centered Teaching, Clear Winter Nights, and Counterfeit Gospels


Unparalleled is a reliable guide of clear and artfully illustrated truths about Christianity. I always appreciate how Jared's compassion comes alongside his candor as he gives perspective for our near-sighted faith. Unparalleled is going to help many people to see the unseen.”

-- Gloria Furman, cross-cultural worker, author of The Pastor's Wife and Missional Motherhood


“This is a book you should put in the hands of every Christian.”

-- Daniel Darling, author of The Original Jesus and Vice President for Communications, ERLC


“CS Lewis said once that Christianity has to be true because no mere human would have ever thought it up. Unapologetically, the Gospel of Jesus is counter: counter-intuitive, counter-culture, counter-self and even counter-religion. And yet, it is its ‘counter-ness’ that causes the Gospel to stand out as not only plausible, but wonderfully compelling. Jared Wilson does a magnificent job showing us why. Take the time to learn from this book. It will be well worth your time.”

-- Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee and author of Jesus Outside the Lines: A Way Forward for Those Who are Tired of Taking Sides


“Jared Wilson steps into the fray and offers an orthodox, winsome, and compelling picture of true faith. Unparalleled demonstrates why Christianity is the true faith that has no real rivals and is alone the only hope for lost humans and our broken world. Jared is a great storyteller, which makes him a great apologist in a world hungry for stories that matter.”

 -- Nathan A. Finn, Dean of the School of Theology and Missions, Union University, Jackson, TN


Unparalleled is a gospel-drenched adventure into the uniqueness of God. Confessional and winsome, Jared’s writing guides us from the foothills of faith to the Himalayas of holiness. Every grace-soaked page is an invitation to bask in the beauty of the Great ‘I Am.’ Readers beware: the road is neither paved nor popular. But along its gravel you will encounter the living Christ who travels before, behind, and beside his pilgrim people.”

 -- Christian George, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology and Curator of the Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Seminary and author of Godology and Sex, Sushi, and Salvation


 “In Unparalleled, Jared Wilson skillfully reminds us that through Jesus, the Christian faith is sustained by grace and meets our needs at every level. No matter if you are a Christian or not, you should read this book. You'll finish with a deeper appreciation of God's love for you and others.”

 -- Caleb Kaltenbach, author of Messy Grace and Lead Pastor, Discovery Church


"Jared Wilson has written a compelling, attractive and lively account of what makes Christianity so distinctive. This is a great book for any Christian wanting to be refreshed in the faith, and for anyone else looking for an excellent introduction to it. Highly recommended!”

-- Sam Allberry, Associate Minister of St. Mary’s Church, Maidenhead, England, and author of Is God Anti-Gay?


“Jared C. Wilson explains that the Christian faith is without comparison and has no equal.  As he says, ‘Jesus is unique and compelling.’ Unequivocally, in Unparalleled, Jared reveals through truth and grace that Christ's way is like no other.”

 -- Vince Antonucci, author of God for the Rest of Us and Lead Pastor, VERVE




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