"Get this book. No gimmicks, snakes, or gold dust here

-- just real power for real people." -- MATT PAPA

Supernatural Power for Everyday People

Experiencing God's Extraordinary Spirit in Your Ordinary Life


Would it change your life to know that there is a way to live your everyday life supernaturally? Most of us would say “yes,” and Jared C. Wilson’s new book reveals how. For the homemaker wondering how to get through the stress of washing dishes and making meals nobody seems to appreciate; for the cubicle jockey punching her time-card every day wondering if what she does really matters; for the teacher or leader wondering if he is making an impact; for the student afraid of the future; for every believer struggling to get through daily life, Supernatural Power for Everyday People offers the hope of meaning and purpose, and also the promise of power. We can get beyond just “getting by." We can prevail and live a life of far more joy, contentment, and peace than we ever thought possible.

A practical book written in a devotional tone, Supernatural Power for Everyday People shows readers how to rely more fully on the power of the Holy Spirit for growth and satisfaction in their lives.

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What People Are Saying About Supernatural Power for Everyday People

"A book on supernatural living is something one expects from a charismatic or Pentecostal preacher, not a Gospel Coalition blogger.But this is what makes Jared C. Wilson's effort to convey the other-worldly power of the Holy Spirit so intriguing, infectious.  Make no mistake, our God is a supernatural being who works supernaturally."
-- Kyle Idleman, pastor and author of not a fan and Grace is Greater

"In his book Supernatural Power for Everyday People,Jared C. Wilson points out that the Holy Spirit is not just someone who simply counsels and comforts, but rather our God who convicts and guides. He is the one with the supernatural power to affect our heart, strengthen our resolve and lead us to action. Whether associated with the holy rollers or one of the frozen chosen, or neither, we all need to embrace this book."
-- Mike Cosper, author of Recapturing the Wonder

"Words like 'supernatural power' and 'Holy Spirit' in our current cultural and religious moment, have been wielded and to some extent hijacked by pastors with big personalities and big money.  Jared brings them back here...and brings us back here to a simple, biblical, no-fluff look at the supernatural power that changes ordinary people like you and me. As I read, I found myself worshiping. I found myself craving the Spirit more than his miracles. Get this book. No gimmicks, snakes, or gold dust here -- just real power for real people."
-- Matt Papa, songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader

"Many of us wonder how our God is supposed to supernaturally work in our lives, but we are often confused by the mixed messages we hear in various Christian communities. Jared C. Wilson does well to convey how God supernatural acts, if we merely submit to his will."
-- Caleb Kaltenbach, pastor and author of Messy Grace

"The word supernatural is often mistaken and misused in Christian circles. But in Supernatural Power for Everyday People, Wilson corrects the misnomers and rights the mistakes by revealing the supernatural being God reveals himself to be. The Bible is full of supernatural events and experiences that we should embrace and enjoy. Let's live it."
-- Greg Gilbert, author of What is the Gospel? and FAVOR

"With his usual penetrating clarity, Jared C.Wilson describes the delusion of the dull-hearted faith, critiques the shallowness of the consumer-culture faith, and prescribes a pathway to a powerful faith with fresh reflections on everyday practices that awaken us to the Spirit's work in our lives. This book will stir your desire to pursue your faith, guide you to nurture your faith,and encourage you to venture with faith into your everyday relationships."
-- Geoff Folland, leader at Power to Change, Australia

"There is just no way Jared C. Wilson--or anybody else--can speak with so much truth and grace as in these pages except by the power of the Holy Spirit. I found my selfconfronted and comforted time and time again while reading and desiring to live life more supernaturally and less dependent on my little strength and empty knowledge. I can't wait to share the life-giving truths of this book with my church."
-- Jairo Namnún, executive director of The Gospel Coalition, Spanish

"Tired of slogging through your spiritual journey, back bent and jaw clenched? Yeah, me too.That's why I found Jared C. Wilson's latest book so refreshing. Jared reintroduces readers to the Holy Spirit, exposing the shenanigans perpetrated in his name, while also showing how the Spirit's power is available to every believer for everyday life. If you're hoping for some esoteric knowledge that will elevate you to an elite spiritual status, you'll be disappointed. Jared argues that the Spirit's work isn't spooky or secretive. It's to glorify Jesus and drive us deeper into the heart of the gospel. It's there we find the power we need to live a fruitful, joyful Christian life."
-- Drew Dyck, editor at Moody publishers and author of Yawning at Tigers

"Jared C. Wilson's gritty, down to earth writing style endears itself to gritty, down to earth disciples--which is perfect, because that is where most of us find ourselves. I eagerly read this as a means to minister better to others, but suddenly found myself exposed, not only by Jared's Biblical and pastorally shaped insight, but more importantly, by the living and active ministry of the Spirit. On this topic,this has become my new 'go-to' recommendation for everyday followers of Jesus who desire to walk in step with the Spirit." 
-- Chris Thomas, teaching pastor at Raymond Terrace Community Church,Australia

"This is a book that will help people understand who the Spirit is and de-mystify a lot of confusion. Jared's trustworthy writing is warm, relatable, and accessible. I would recommend Supernatural Power for Everyday People to anyone wanting to know how to live in step with the Spirit as they follow the way of Jesus."
-- Lucas Parks, lead pastor of Village Church Belfast and director of Acts 29 Northern Ireland

"If you've ever thought 'there's something missing in my Christian life',then this is the book for you, for it shows us again that there really is nothing missing, except maybe the ongoing awareness of all that God has provided for us in and through the person and work of his Spirit."
-- Pete Greasley, pastor of Christchurch Newport, Wales

"In a generation that has been fed lots of content but who often lacks power, all of us need to recognize that we truly need to embrace the supernatural power of the Spirit. Jared Wilson's book gives careful attention to God's character and how he demonstrates that the means of his grace to us are supernatural in and of themselves."
-- Jay Bauman, pastor, director Acts 29 Latin America and Restore Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil